Youth Olympic Winter Games 2012

For the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games, Stageco Deutschland built a stage landscape from plans drawn up by the Innsbruck Institute for Experimental Architecture. Around 160 tons of scaffolding and stage set were brought into the existing grandstand of Bergisel Stadium. Specially designed steps and ramps along with a tunnel system beneath the covered stage allowed artists and athletes unhindered access to the performance areas. Stageco deployed a special team of joiners and carpenters for the task. As well as standard material such as Layher scaffolding and a Micro Arch roof system, a series of bespoke structures were crafted from wood. For the award ceremonies, an additional stage and several auxiliary constructions were installed in the Innsbruck pedestrian zone. The onset of winter just as rigging commenced proved to be a truly testing challenge for the entire Stageco team on site, but snow and ice didn’t stop them completing work on schedule. Pic (c) YOG