X-Games 2016

Norway’s capital city, Oslo, hosted the X Games for the first time, on February 24-28, and Stageco was proud to be involved at its site in Tøyen and the Oslo Winter Park in Wyllerløypa. For the Big Air ski events in Tøyen, a large, 108m x 21m scaffolding ramp was installed, rising to a height of 42m, with a starting gate at the top of the run. The 12-day set-up also included building a video screen structure, four sound and lighting towers, two elevators, light trusses, stairs, a hut for VIPs and judges, and an additional complement of smaller scaffold structures. Requiring 18 trailers, the equipment was loaded out within six days by a local crew of 30 managed by 10 supervisors. Twenty kilometres north-west of Tøyen, the Oslo WinterPark site in Wyllerløypa presented the Snowboard Superpipe competitions, for which Stageco, with its four-person team and 12 local crew, mounted 12 lighting poles by helicopter on the hills each side of the half pipe – access was impossible by cranes – and built four extra poles for sound and lighting at the arrival area over the course of six days. A starting gate and platforms for cameras and VIP tents were also part of the five trailers’ worth of equipment deployed at the site.