Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) 2013

By fans for fans – the Wacken Open Air event (W:O:A) was born from this motto on a little meadow in 1990 and has grown into what is now the biggest heavy metal festival in the world. The 85-member Stageco team were faced with a massive amount of material and a Herculean logistics task. Around 1,000 tonnes of equipment, corresponding to approx. 60 trailers, had to be installed. There was also the major task of coordinating all staff, along with nine forklift trucks and two truck-mounted cranes, over a 7-day assembly period. The team used two Stageco 4-tower sets for the main stages. The special challenge here: a specially devised set comprising seven roof portals in order to the safeguard the very high roof load for the Rammstein gig. The end result of all the construction work was 120 metres of staging – including the newly created figurehead of W:O:A, the bull head, measuring 10 by 12 metres and placed between the two main stages. Pics (c) ICS Festival Service GmbH