UEFA 2016 Fanzone

The UEFA EURO 2016 European football championship attracted an unprecedented amount of media attention throughout the early summer and for those not fortunate enough to secure tickets, the ultimate destination was one of the official Fan Zones located outside stadiums, where supporters of ‘the beautiful game’ could gather, free of charge, to watch live broadcasts of matches on a large LED video screen and enjoy other related activities. Stageco France was delighted to be approached by screen provider Supervision to construct the video portal structure at the largest of these sites on the Champ de Mars in Paris, where around 92,000 fans congregated in front of the Eiffel Tower throughout the tournament, from June 10 to July 10. Thierry Nataf: “In all senses, it was a a technical achievement. It wasn’t so much because of the very large video screen that weighed almost 18 tonnes, but because we built a screen support that had to sit directly in front of a stage built by another company that has a pre-existing agreement with the organisers.” The stage was intended for an unrelated event: the city’s annual July 14th Bastille Day concert. But the EURO 2016Final was on July 10th, so somehow as there were only four days in between, both elements had to match up. The brief was to ensure that everything was timed correctly; to make it work between the two parties and move our structure in and out of the location multiple times.