Tous à Toulouse - Fête de la Musique 2016

On June 21, French-speaking communities in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and other parts of the world including France itself engage in a special day of inter-connected music events. In 2015, Stageco France worked on one of the smaller productions in Paris, however, for 2016 the company was re-hired to service the main event in Toulouse’s Capitol Square for a live audience of around 16,000 while French TV station TFR broad-cast live to millions of viewers. The original plan was for the organisers to host the main event on the Avenue des Champs- Élysées in Paris, but as it coincided with the UEFA EURO 2016 championship, the police advised that with the heightened threat of terrorism in the capital during the busy summer months, it should be held elsewhere, hence it being re-routed to Toulouse. The set design for the free to attend Tous à Toulouse (All in Toulouse) event required Stageco’s standard three-tower roof to be heavily modified in terms of its size, the position of the towers themselves and finishing, with additional scaffolding walls and structures included within the package. Two satellite sheds were also provided to house production as well as a backstage platform for the changeovers between 25 acts.