Stageco on its 19th mission for Life Ball

This year's charity event ran under the motto "United in diversity" as characterised by the Hollywood film "The Wizard of Oz" and the Judy Garland hit "Somewhere over the Rainbow". In collaboration with Circus Roncalli, the promoter Life+ created a rainbow-coloured circus atmosphere. Stageco Austria planned and provided the stage construction, designed to resemble a circus tent in all the colours of the rainbow, complete with integrated orchestra platform. Stageco Austria has been supporting the organisers of Life Ball, the Life+ association and its co-founder in the role of staging provider since 2000. During the same period, Dirk Lauenstein, Managing Director of Stageco Deutschland since 2016, has been project managing this Vienna event—an exciting challenge year in and year out: "The creativity with which the organisers implement a new motto and new constructions each year is extraordinary. Despite a relatively small budget, they always manage to produce a splendid setting for their charity event, during which they celebrate life on Vienna's town hall square and inside the town hall." photos: (c) Harald Klemm, Stephan Brueckler