Ski WM 2011

Stageco was responsible for assembling all the stages required at the opening event of the Alpine World Ski Championships on 7th February in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which featured performances by the Munich Radio Orchestra, Christina Stürmer, the Spider Murphy Gang and Adoro as well as the sporting action. For the orchestral stage, Stageco used a Micro Arch with a white skin. Engineered as a full-on set design, the show stage blended inconspicuously into the landing slope of the ski jump, and was fitted with secondary cladding and a moving platform for the event’s musical finale. The opening ceremony revolved around a unique projection technique, whereby the snow-covered landing slope of the ski jump was transformed into a giant projection screen by means of the largest video projectors currently available. Each scene began with a small element eventually expanding to huge dimensions thanks to this special technology. Fotos (c) Ralph Larmann