OPEL Air&Style 2016

After previous meetings in Bergisel, Austria, the compe¬tition was held for the first time at Innsbruck Olympia World on February 6th. According to the organisers, the move to the Tyrolean capital was prompted by the superior infra¬structure and dimensions of the hill. The size of the jump was also larger this year: the ramp system – using 258 tons of Stageco steel and consisting of the InRun and Landing area – had an overall length of 100m and a width of about 23m. The highest point of the structure, the starting gate, was around 40m high. Innsbruck’s Air&Style event also saw Stageco build the stage for an open-air music festival at which 14,000 enthusi¬astic fans rocked to acts including Rudimental, Sum 41 and SDP. Following the Innsbruck load-out, Stageco’s crews headed straight to Los Angeles where, on February 20th and 21st, the world’s most talented snowboarders fiercely competed for victory in the 2016 edition of the Air + Style Tour Final at the Expo Park at L. A. Coliseum. Working for both the Air + Style brand and Live Nation California, the project required seven sea containers of equipment to be shipped from Belgium, joining 12 trailer loads from Stageco’s Colorado Springs base. The equipment included more than 320,000kg of scaf¬folding which was assembled by a combination of American and German crew. Together, they built the ramp and two elevators, an 8m x 8m VIP platform at the top and a bi-level starting gate. Taking around 12 days to build, the 52.7m high structure was one of the tallest Stageco has built to date.