NFL Tailgate Party 2011

Every year PPW coordinates an event called "The Tailgate Party", which takes place the day of the superbowl. This high profile event takes place prior to the game and is for the owners, some players and others who have a substantial hand in the NFL. In 2011 the superbowl was held at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium and PPW had to creat a venue outside this new immense stadium. In orde to create a temporary venue that could live up to the amazing stadium they were building in the shadow of, PPW came to Stageco to create a "hall" which was approximately 30m * 71m. To accomplish this in an elegant and stylish fashion we utilized the Boogdak XL roof system. In fact, we utilized all Stageco's  Boogdak XL stock worldwide in order to create this structure. Stageco worked very closely with a tent company that came in to build large clear span tents in close proximity to the Stageco roof. This turned the Boogdak XL into the central atrium and focal point of a larger multi-sectioned venue. During the event there was an unexpected cold snap and a snow storm hit the venue. Whereas the surrounding tents saw some damage inflicted by the cold temperatures and the weight of the snow, the Boogdak XL roof system held strong and did its job perfectly