NFL Kick Off 2013

The many logistical obstacles at this year’s NFL Kick Off presented quite a challenge, but with the help of some meticulous planning Stageco managed to reel in another successful build. Although the actual event took place in the inner harbour of Baltimore, the stage was build at a shipyard 20 miles further along to ensure a safe working environment. Work was started on two barges that were welded together, giving a 60’ x 90’ footprint. The Stageco crew then installed a standard 4-tower grid from which a transparent Jamboree roof was suspended. With the main structure finished, production started initial work on scenic, light & sound. Everything was then secured safely to start the 20 mile voyage to the final destination. Once arrived and tied into place to keep from moving, the Stageco guys finished up the stage followed by production load in. On show night Keith urban delivered a great performance to a packed promenade of cheering fans.