Movable Curtain Installation

The Lille installation project, in 2012, was at the Grand Stade Pierre Mauroy in Villeneuve d’Ascq, a multi-functional, 27,000-capacity venue that can be used both as an indoor and outdoor arena, thanks to an an adjustable roof. Working in partnership with The PowerShop and Blackout, Stageco’s mission was to install a movable curtain that divides the arena into two separate halls. We took care of the rails and bridges to ‘lead’ the cur¬tain. The engines were fixed at a height of 40 metres in the roof. The curtain consists of three parts that move independently, left, right and centre. The span that needed to be covered was huge: 130m wide and 25m high. Despite the fact that it was not a temporary construction, the job was wonderfully suited to Stageco, allowing us to demonstrate our technical expertise and flexibility within a strict schedule. As well as providing us with extra permanent work in the venue, we achieved something that amazed.