Matapaloz 2017

On a roll since their impressive comeback in 2014, German rockers the Böhse Onkelz invited their fans to the launch edition of their very own open-air festival – Matapaloz– at the Hockenheim Ring motor racing circuit on June 16-17. Over 50,000 fans came to see a line-up that included Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and Slayer, while Stageco Deutschland was in action as a service provider for the Böhse Onkelz and promoter LiveGeist Entertainment GmbH for the third consecutive time. The challenge was to deal with 54 tons of production in the stage roof alone, and securing the bespoke design to the stage. A crew from the Königsbrunn company also assembled the band’s stages back in in 2014 and 2015. For Matapaloz ’17, the elaborate metal and wood stage set was designed exclusively by Argentinian Pablo Chichan who, drawing inspiration from the name of the event, incorporated the South American matapalo strangler fig in the set, with the mutant climbing plant winding its way around the stage. Stageco deployed a specially reinforced roof to bear the massive load of the technical equipment, and close collaboration at the planning stage with respect to all static calculations was vital in order to realise this exceptional stage design. The Stageco crew also built five single delay/spot towers within the event grounds. Around 260 tons of material were deployed in total. Around 40 crew members assembled the stage in just four days, with dismantling taking two and a half days. Fotos © Adrian Sailer /