Live Earth

The first series of benefit concerts for raising awareness of global warming were held in July, 2007. The concerts brought together more than 150 musical acts in eleven locations around the world. The Live Earth Concert was logistically a challenging job since production teams loaded out A Concert for Diana on 2 July and built Live Earth for a 7 July performance date. Stageco set the ‘revolve’ used by Live Earth into the stage floor before the Diana concert saving time for the following week. However, the Ray Winkler-designed Live Earth set required an entirely different look to the Diana shows, part of which involved turning the roof round by 180°. Stageco brought in nine extra people to do the changeover, making a crew of 24. Within 36 hours of the Diana show, the stage had been turned around and ready for the Live Earth technical production. Stageco provided 1,500m² of deck, giving 1,000m² of covered stage, plus three delay masts, auxiliary ramps and stairs for both concerts. Stageco also provided the stages for the Live Earth concerts at the Giants’ Stadium, New York, USA and The Arena, Hamburg, Germany.