Life Ball 2017

Since 1993, Vienna has hosted one of the world’s biggest charity events, the Life Ball, with the aim of ending the spread of HIV/AIDS. For the last 17 years, Stageco Austria, a subsidiary of Stageco Deutschland GmbH, has been an active service provider for the charity event. In traditional style, the 2017 event began with a show in front of the Viennese town hall, this time in the style of the 1920s and 1930s. Stageco Austria built the Micro Arch stage as well as many other structures on-site. The special feature of this year’s edition was the design by artist Amra Bergman, incorporating an elegant 25 metre high sculpture that towered above the stage. In order to be able to secure the sculpture over the Micro Arch roundabout platform, the Stageco crew erected a freestanding portal, spanning 22 metres. The total width of the stage, including the left and right PA system hangs and LED walls, measured over 46 metres.