Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas Tour 2012

Stageco Belgium supplied the stage for Leonard Cohen when he kicked off his sold out 'Old Ideas' World Tour in Gent's historic city centre, august, 2012. Located in front of the iconic St Peters Church in the centre of Gent, Stageco's Boogdak stage was used to provide a classic curved roof, reflecting the dignity of the surroundings and in keeping with the ambience created by Leonard Cohen's performance. Although a large outdoor concert, an intimate atmosphere was produced through the building focusing fans attention onto the stylish set-up which saw the band play in a close half circle and interact with each other. The central curved roof was flanked by PA and video screen supports moving the production equipment away from sightlines and providing uninterrupted views of the artists. The stage was equipped with Stageco's new custom-made anemometers that continuously tracked the wind forces which onsite crew responded to with appropriate safety measures when required. Following the five shows in Belgium the tour moved to Amsterdam where the stage was placed in the Olympic stadium for two shows. In order to meet the tight turn around between these locations, two Stageco teams worked simultaneously, dismantling the stage in Gent whilst a second stage was being build in Amsterdam.  -All pictures by Frederik Crevits.-