Hannover Motor Show 2016

Every two years, all the major names in automotive manufacturing and component supplies gather at the IAA International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles which, in 2016, took place in Hannover from September 22nd-29th 2016 under the motto ‘Driven By Ideas’. On this occasion, Stageco Deutschland was proud to be commissioned by Daimler AG to build an overhead portal over a platform, from which to project images. A major focal point of the event, the portal measured approximately 34m wide and 12.6m high, with a clearance height of around 11m. Two 6.2 x 2m housings for the projectors were made from Layher ‘Allround’ scaffolding and mounted on the portal. They were enclosed with sheeting on three sides, and faced with custom-made silver grey gauze. The structure weighed roughly 50 tons and was assembled by a five-man crew within three days. Stageco’s brief also included building a number of additional scaffolding structures. Pics © Mike Auerbach