F1 Live 2017

Just days before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, parts of central London shut down in order to host the Formula One Live event around Whitehall and Trafalgar Square. For the first time in motor racing history, all 10 F1 teams gathered outside of a race weekend to roar around the capital’s streets, as thousands of excited sports fans looked on. the July 12th event was crowned by a special show at the foot of Nelson’s Column that featured the work of Stageco. The client, Velocity Experience (part of the TBA Group), engaged Chris Vaughan as production manager of the show in Trafalgar Square and, conveniently, it was agreed that key elements from the ELO show would be ‘borrowed’, notably the transparent canopy roof and two side structures for the video screens and PA hangs.a Stageco was first consulted at the beginning of June but the public were given just 48 hours’ notice, so there was a tremendous wave of immediate interest. On site, two reams ran day and night shifts, starting on June 9th to enable production load-in the next afternoon.