Eminem Hannover

Megastar alert on 10 July in Hannover: it was here that Eminem gave his only performance in Germany on his ‘Revival’ tour. According to the promoter Live Nation, the 75,000 tickets for the open-air concert at Hannover’s fairground sold out in record time. The US rapper performed on a stage built by Stageco Deutschland. A concert with scarcity value: the last time Eminem appeared in this country was 15 years ago, when he gave two performances, in Essen and Hamburg. The open-air location this time around was the fairground in Hannover, as part of the world ‘Revival’ tour. The four-time Grammy winner was scheduled to give nine performances in Europe up until mid-July. For the exclusive Germany concert, Stageco Germany in close collaboration with its longstanding partner Live Nation, modified a 3-tower stage and a delay tower for video and sound before assembling it on the infield.