Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day Tour 2006

Millions of rock fans were singing some of rock music’s best known anthems in front of Stageco’s custom build touring stage on Bon Jovi’s 2006 Have a Nice Day tour. While fans filled three sides of 21 sold out stadium concerts, the fourth side was taken by the band and their Spike Lloyd-designed set, supported on a 54 metre wide, 18 metre deep, 20 metre high Stageco structure (Towers & Trusses) and floor system (scaffolding & decks) with tailor-made top structure trusses, facia panels and band “roofette”. Stageco built three sets, each requiring 10 crew and with a total of 30 trailers of equipment on the road for the tour. Bon Jovi did a complete trial build at Stageco’s Tildonk yard for 10 days, with a 24/7 schedule for programming the video and lights.