André Rieu - One Night In Vienna Tour 2008

At the design and build phase, Stageco created a prototype 130m stage which was designed by Pierre Rieu for the two opening nights of the tour, at the Rogers Centre in Toronto in December 2008. It became clear that, while the traditional scaffolding approach worked well indoors, the production would need a rapidly demountable staging system, better suited to touring for the international outdoor shows. Stageco’s solution was to use its steel tower-based system, which forms the structure and shape of the “palace”. They then developed a new tracking system which allowed the elaborate décor to be raised and lowered swiftly. This had the dual benefits of speeding up the build and the de-rig processes while improving safety, allowing the scenery to be lowered rapidly in the event of high winds. This ensured it complied with international wind-loading regulations. At 110m wide, 27m high and 30m deep, this is one of the largest stages that Stageco has ever built. The operation had two leapfrogging stage sets, shipped in 110 containers, with one single set of décor travelling from show to show.