Airbeat One Festival 2016

The Airbeat One festival has been taking place at the Neustadt-Glewe airfield since 2002 and, with its regular attend-ance of approximately 40,000 visitors, it is the largest EDM festival in northern Germany. Every year it runs under a different motto, which provides the visual frame-work for the event as a whole. The 2016 theme was ‘A Trip to Asia’. Stageco Deutschland was responsible for the substructure and for implementing the design of the Q-Dance stage, referred to this year as the ‘Lion Stage’. The 40m wide x 13.5m deep supporting frame was 21m high at its highest point, and a real eye-catcher at the event. Additional structures came in the form of two double-storey food and VIP platforms measuring 60m x 7m. Originated with drawings from Stageco’s Berlin office, it took five days for a team of 33 to assemble everything. Within three days of the four-day event ending, the 270 tonnes of steel had been dismantled and taken away on 14 trucks. Fotos 1-2 (c) Airbeat One Foto 3 (c) Tilo Röpcke