60 Years of German Democracy

The German people and government celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of postwar German democracy this May with an enormous street festival, attended by 750,000 people in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Production company Mediapool GMBh, working with organisers Bundespresse Amt, called on Stageco Germany to create a stage with a festive feel with the production capacity to host a busy line-up of popular German acts including Udo Jürgens, PURE, 17 Hippies, Otto & The Friesenjungs and The BossHoss. Stageco provided three Micro Arches with transparent roofs, one of which served as roofing for the grandstand. Two video portals and two delay towers enabled optimal vision and sound. To connect the two Micro Arch stages, Stageco Germany reused their custom built “Meilenstein” bridge, some ingenious engineering derived from Stageco’s classic Tower System. A Stageco crew of 52 people erected all constructions within two days, while the biggest challenge was the confined workspace in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Sixteen trailers of Stageco material had to be brought in, while eight forklifts, two 60 tonne cranes and other machinery were used to install the structures. The cooperation between Stageco’s crew and the many other contractors on the site was seamless thanks to the company’s experienced project management and continuous communication with different parties. This is the first of several major German celebrations this year, including the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which takes place in autumn.